CapaciTech specialises in the following services, none of which are mutually exclusive, and all of which can work together to enable and empower your business.

We assess the gaps in your business, identify how best to bridge these, and partner with you as we rectify them and work towards the next steps.

Due Diligence

Before money changes hands, we thoroughly explore the financial, legal, operational, intellectual property and managerial elements of your business.

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Tech Assessment

This in-depth investigation examines whether your business has the necessary technological capabilities in place. We also ensure that these capabilities are suitable for the short and medium-term technology roadmap we provide.

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The early stages of this work are very similar to our start-up advisory services, and involve identifying gaps and finding ways to resolve them, while also identifying future opportunities.

Our co-funding and partnering process is assessed on a case-by-case basis and involves either leading or subscribing to an investment round whilst still remaining aligned to our principles of a ‘smart capital’ approach.

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Supplementary Services

Mentoring | Board Involvement | Management Consulting

Our Mentoring Offerings

CapaciTech is deeply involved in various mentoring programmes stemming from the start-up ecosystem.


This service forms part of the essence of what we do in energising the businesses we work and partner with. As a result, a large proportion of what we have contributed in this space has been zero-rated, however, we do participate in more professional and commercial mentoring arrangements.

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Board Involvement

Collectively, the founders participate on various Boards and Investment Committees – both across the CapaciTech portfolio, as well as externally.

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Management Consulting

The team has a combined ~30-years of strategic management consulting experience, focusing on: systems integration, programme management, software development, retail banking, performance improvement, digital financial services and financial inclusion.

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