We Are

We’re a venture-building and investment agency that offers the advisory services and technical support you need to scale your business to the next level. Although we’re backed by in-depth financial and technical expertise, our approach has people at its core. We work with entrepreneurs who are driven by curiosity, passion and ambition. These are our sorts of people. In them, we see ourselves, and we see the many other entrepreneurs with whom we collaborate.

Our partnerships are founded on open communication and trust. With this is in place, we’re able to get down to the nitty-gritty of helping you achieve your vision. This might involve acquiring more or better customers, developing the technical capabilities your product or service needs, nurturing your team, or providing tested marketing advice.

Capital is one thing. Know-how is another. Your success depends on finding a partner who can capacitate you across both ambits.

We operate

CapaciTech operates as a South African holding company that consists of an advisory business and special purposes vehicles that house shareholdings in various entrepreneurial ventures. We have other local entities as well as offshore structures in Mauritius and the United States, which oversee international interests and intellectual property-related requirements.

Our Portfolio

Reflects the diverse range of committed and inspired entrepreneurs we count among our partners. In every instance, we use smart capital and capability development to help our partners grow and succeed.

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