We specialise in working with PanAfrican startups that use technology to scale, specifically to advise and capacitate in the areas of technology, marketing and human resources. Investments are made in parallel with partner collaborations to help foster innovative ideas into successful businesses. Investors and limited partners have the peace of mind that investments are more than just an extension of the runway of a business; money only changes hands once subject matter experts confirm that the required capabilities can viably be deployed into the business. The team is made up of seasoned investors, experienced entrepreneurs and professional advisers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.

Investments and signed SAFE agreements to date include companies incorporated in Delaware, Mauritius and South Africa. Most notably, the recent equity investment with chatbot specialists: GotBot.co.za

We’d love to hear from startups, fellow investors and potential partners to collaborate with. Please leave your details below and we’ll arrange a time for a Zoom session or, logistics permitting, a coffee on us in Johannesburg or Cape Town. 


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